Wildcard Week

A: Artificial Muscle
B: Embroidery
C: Inflatables
D: Xiao (Just went to the orientation)

A. Artificial Muscle

Jack showing how his artificial muscle works

 Also asked him about the difference between the conductive threads I have - Silver one tend to oxidize, and darker one was the exact same product he was using for heating up the structure.

Trying to make automatic folding cube and a spiral structure - had no idea how it will move!


B. Embriodery - trying conductive thread!

Learning how sawing machine works, and attachment needed for embroidery. Big thanks(Again,) to Alec!
Tried the stainless steel type conductive thread for the first time, but it got stuck inside the machine. And then we tried silver conductive threads - which worked for the first few seconds and then stopped working. Diana suggested us to use regular cotton than nylon. Nylon was thin and stretchable so it’s perfect for the use of speaker, but it seemed too thin for this use.

First trial, total failure

Excited as it seems working

However it didn’t work as speaker - the conductivity was broken at some points. But I want to try later with different shapes!

C. Zund Inflatabe

Preparing files

Preparing Mylar on the Zund bed, then put the second layer on it

 Sadly, my phone died before taking photos of them but they came out really nicely. Big Thanks to Alfonso!