Concert of the Oblivion

Interactive art, Performance

Interactive art project, May. 2016 
funded by Seoul National University
Team lead, Creative direction, performer

Collaborated with
Junho Bang, Soyeon Myung, and Heejun Kim

본 프로젝트는 서울대학교 ArtSpace@SNU전시기간동안 Paperback Exhibition이라는 이름 아래 5개의 팀으로 나뉘어 진행된 공공미술 전시입니다.
This project is a public art exhibition divided into 5 teams under the name of Paperback Exhibition during the ArtSpace@SNU exhibition period at Seoul National University.
Film credit: Sungjun Kim

어느날, 내 앞에 나타난 무대. 이 무대 위에서는 누구나 멋진 오케스트라를 지휘할 수 있다!
One day, a stage appeared in front of me. Anyone can conduct a wonderful orchestra on this stage!