Embedded Programming

Using Conductive sensing as a low fedility EMG sensor

For a long time, I’ve been interetsed in how humans interact with technology with hands. In that context, I got into ‘EMG’ sensors, and tried bunch of products in the market. The most well-known product would be ‘MYO band’, they are discontinued after they are acquired by the big techs like Google and Meta. 

Since my purpose of taking this coures is to learn what I usually got help from engineers friends or outsourced to factories, I decided to make an EMG sensor.

Starting with, testing the sensor I have!
I originally tried to test the example code with all the set up, but when I asked Quentin, he said we can just use the pads as capacitive sensors without the PCB it’s connected to.

Checking which pads are connected to which part of the connector and mapping them.

Connecting headers to Xiao SMD21 and finding out

Quentin soldering jumperwires to the EMG sensing pads

Fing out what pins are defined as what
- I honestly don’t understand why it is always confusing to match physical pins with code pins when using Xiao 

Finally we found what pins are defined as what! We use A05, 07, 09

Connecting the pins with jumper wires

Using Arduino Core Fab -Sam library by Quentin

Re checking the pin number

Using Adafruit Freetouch - only available to SAMD Xiaos

I asked about what to do if I want to differentiate Rock, Scissors, and Paper - Quentin told me to use Voronoi 

Testing if it differentiate fully open hand

with other gestures like folding two fingers

It definitely works well telling the difference between open and closed hands