How is the weather

Class project, 2017
Ideation, Interaction design, Graphic design

Collaborated with
Juhong Park, Youngeun Lee

Many people have a tendency to distinguish the real world from the space that their mind lives. However, to borrow the words of phenomenologist Martin Heidegger, beings (individuals/spirits) are not independent entities from their surrounding environment. The human body as an organism has its own biorhythms for each individual, and it is directly or indirectly influenced by various variables of the surrounding environment such as temperature, humidity, and illuminance. The three team members who carried out the project tried to visually show how mental status and mental movement are affected by environmental factors, respectively.

The three team members working on the project reacted differently to the weather, and these different reactions were expressed by applying different materials and movement ranges on the same mechanism through a computational design program (grasshopper). As a result, three objects were created that both represent each and respond to the weather.