Keep in Touch

Interactive art project, 2019 - 2020
Presented at London Science Museum Lates event

It is natural to move your body when you listen to music. But what if you could make music out of the movement? This work started with that imagination. We spend more time in the digital world, touching the screen far more than people's hands. The experience of creating sounds and music by lightly touching each other instead of the screen will be a new experience that penetrates all senses.

Keep in touch is an interactive art that transforms physical touch between participants into music. Visitors can play the scales of various instruments such as drums, piano, and guitar while wearing bracelets and lightly touching each other.

*This work received a lot of participation and interest from the audience at the London Science Museum lates event, and was exhibited before the outbreak of COVID-19.


The core part of this project was the bracelet, as I had to reliably connect current without making the participants feel that it was an object that transmits electricity while wearing it. Conductive fabrics and stainless-steel rings on the connections gave the impression of a bracelet made of cloth rather than an electrically operated 'machine'. Most of the participants could play the instrument as intended and often they were curious about how itis possible.