phone trap

Personal project, 2019
Industrial design, Interaction design 

Waking up without an alarm has been almost impossible for me. So what I do is basically setting two alarms at the same time with two devices(iphone, ipad), but putting them in distance. This way, I had to move my body a lot to turn two alarms off, so that I could wake up. That’s not all. I use ‘Alami’, which makes me to take a picture to turn the alarm off: in this case, a corner of the bathroom.
  But, really? Why can’t I wake up well? The right question is, ‘Why can’t I sleep well?’ One thing was clear: I needed to stop using phone at night. According to research papers and surveys, smartphone light affects our brain directly. They make us stressful as the light stop our body from getting a sound sleep.

At the same time, I was struggling to buy a good wireless charger. Most people charge their phones right before getting to sleep. Then, there should be a design space to bring a solution to both problems. I asked others to collect more data.


I conducted a digital ethnography study focusing on single college student households. Most of the interviewees had put their chargers right next to their beds. What if we can change the charging behavior to reduce the screentime at the bed?

Interaction idea

What if we could apply a variety of interactions to keep your phone away during bedtime? We could put them in a toaster and forget about it. Maybe throwing them away, like putting them in a trash bin? We could even clip them on the wall or capture them in a trap.

User scenario

In order to prevent the sleep time from being delayed as the light is turned off and the cell phone is used for a long time, the behavior pattern was changed by inducing the cell phone to be charged before the light is turned off. After turning off the lights placed near the sleeping area, only the lights built into the charger itself remain, which turns off at the same time as charging the mobile phone. The user can no longer use the mobile phone and the surrounding environment becomes dark, so the environment is changed to an environment suitable for sleep.

1. Swallow 

2. Capture


Interaction close-up shot



3D modeling

Concept rendering image            

3D printing and mock-up maknig

wind-blasted acrylic parts             

Model making

Final parts