post plant 3

Personal project
Industrial design, Interaction design, Mechanical design

Post-plant is a series of plant-like robots which communicate nonverbally through physical movements. Most of the social robots look like humans or animals. communicating with us by mimicking human speech and gestures. Inspired by plants, post-plant respond to touch instead of language. With post-plant as a starting point, robots of the future will communicate with us in their own way, without having to mimic human behaviors. Post-plant 3 is the third type of post-plant robot series.

Funded by Seoul Design Foundation(DDP) for preparing to make design product representing Seoul
‘Pulmung-cho’ is a robot that is like a plant in a small pot, but unlike a plant, it moves dynamically. The fast spinning thread between the motors overcomes gravity and creates the shape of the plant, like seaweed dancing in the water.

‘Pulmeong-cho’ moves as if it were alive, but because it is a suede thread, it is soft enough to the touch and responds in various ways to the user's touch. Although this movement has no purpose in itself, it gives a moment of peace to modern people who only stare at the screen all day. It enables a new concept of relaxation that stimulates both the visual and tactile senses through touching and pulling the fast-moving thread.