Commissioned project for Hyundai Robotics, 2021
Industrial design, Interaction design, UX research

Collaborated with
Eunsang Lee, Sohee Kim, Taeyun Kim

Contrary to expectation that co-working market has economic slump, it is grow up everyday. Because many cafes for working place for startup, freelancer like Starbucks are shutdown.
As a result of the field research, we found the problem of insufficient space in the current shared office, the movement of many large loads, the lack of communication between users in the lounge. Also, there were inconveniences due to the lack of collaboration facilities and the narrow space.As a result of analyzing and organizing the data collected, we were able to derive major concepts for the design.To solve problems, we made low-fidelity prototype to verifying previous ideation.
Finally, we could derive the final solutions from the process.Mobility Platform Specification

Srrk should have perform moving chair or desk for various place setting. To implement those function, We consider physical structure to mobility platform at first, re-sketch UNI-050H’s mobility platform, relocation those parts to makes it smaller and to move And Mobility platform was sketched by reliable logic for checking commercial lifting column’s spec. Because, it should have lifting column to lift chair and desk. We make 1:1 scale model prototypes to verify structure possibility. Additionally, it has hinge-pegboard structure to repair easyModular function and bidirectional traysA variety of functional modules can be added to the body module to fulfill the appropriate role for each purpose. In addition, each function has been designed to be accessible from the front as well as from the rear, considering possible bidirectionality.

Angle-adjustable projection systemA unique hinge system allows for projection on walls or floors, sometimes on top windows that act as panels, allowing them to move freely when needed.

The upper window panel can serve as a signpost, various feedback on interactions, information provision and touch screen if necessary.

Interaction feedback with ambient lighting
Ambient lighting feature located under the fabric material at the side of the body allows users to get appropriate feedback based on their actions.