SST by Kohui

(Spatial Sense Transducer)

This project is by Kohui (
I paticipated as an industrial designer

Collaborated with
Software Development: Hyo, Jeong
Mechanical design: Gijin Park

<SST (Spatial Sense Transducer)> started by noticing the possibility of sound as a natural language. Focusing on the natural or artificial state of space, the purpose of SST is to understand the natural state of relationship between space and humans through the use of sound as a medium. For that, we experimented with the physical form of sound in space through sound visualization.‌‌

We produced a portable device <SST> that can be used wirelessly connected to a computer (hereafter referred to as the center) with an Arduino (hereinafter referred to as the core), a speaker, and a laser capable of wireless communication with the gyro acceleration sensor. The user can draw a sound cross-section image in real time by holding and moving the SST device, and wirelessly communicates the user's movement (acceleration, tilt) with an external computer to reproduce the sound in real time and project the sound cross-section image to the rear. And by using this, a waveform that draws a sound cross-section image in real time is photographed with a long exposure to leave a sound trace.

3D modeling


Draft Renderings