Commissioned project funded by ZER01NE(Hyundai Motor Group), 2021
Industrial design, Interaction design, Mechanical design, HCI research, Creative direction

Collaborated with
Design Assitance: Hojeong Lee
Electrical Engineering: Minkwon Kim, Yeonwoo Choi
Logotype Typography: Hyunseo Cho, Yeongbeom Yu
Photography: Seae Oh
CG: Eunsang Lee

[headspace] is a series of wearable devices that extend the user’s mind. As we rely more and more on technology, what will come next? If we could augment our feelings and memory with physical interfaces, how are they going to work? Just like we use mobile phones with numerous applications for uncountable purposes, could we extend our mind and/or body by physically expressing and sharing our thoughts and experience?

Often people say, “I know my heart well” or, conversely, “I don’t know my heart either.” Unlike the state of the body, the state of the mind feels uncontrollable. However, [headspace] blurs the dichotomy between mind and body and shows that mind, body, and environment are organically connected. [headspace], the mind extension tool move each of us into a network of interconnected connections, rather than a body of isolated minds.

Exhibition site (headspace hub)

Exhibition site (headspace)




Sketches and prototypes showing the development process at the exhibiton site

headspace hub for hs1
headspace hub for hs1
headspace hub for hs1




Photography: Seae Oh
Cast: Seungmin Lee
Hair/Make up: Somi Jang
Stylist: Hyesu Jo
Assistance: Eunsang Lee

Show window moving images at the exhibition


Paper prototypes

Video Prototypes

Initial prototypes

Selected prototypes

Assistance: Hojeong Lee, Gaeun Kim, Seojin Park
Cast: Hojeong Lee, Yuri Lim

Cocnept sketches

Technical process

Custom PCB to program flexible E-ink panels

Custom PC pneumatic parts

Model making

Exhibition(ZER01NE DAY)

Online Exhibition website 

headspace website: headspace.technology 


Technical Guidance
PCB Design: Jaeyeon Park
CAD Modeling: Younsoo Choi 

Production Assistance
Seyeon Cho, Serra Yie, Inha Cha, Taeyul Ko, Yongwoo Ahn, Yuri Lim, Gaeun Kim, Seojin Park, Yelin yi, Bohyeon Kim, Doeun Kim

Special Thanks to
Yejin Kim, Sungsu Park, Baek Yunju

This project is funded by ZER01NE(Hyundai Motor Group)