Hackerthon project, 2018
Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design

Collaborated with
Hardware Development: Jaeyon Park
Film production, design: Yaejin Choi
Front-end / Server development: three members from POSTECH

image credit: jinha lee
Humankind has used tools to achieve certain goals, and it reached its peak in both complexity and functionality with the birth of the computer. The gap between information or the achievement of a certain purpose (action, action, etc.) with humans has gradually narrowed, and eventually, information can be input and output only through voice through Voice Assistant, or certain actions are easily replaced with commands.

But is this really the best?
Interfaces up to now have mostly relied on sight and hearing, because most of the information received by humans is received by both senses. However, the possibility of tactile and natural gestures is as great as those two senses.

We want to consider the various actions that can be performed through the natural action of knocking and the interface between them.

Objectives of the development 

- Overcoming limitations of multi-touch display and voice recognition interface
- Proposal of a more intuitive and 'touchable interface' through the knock action - As a result, objects and people can communicate quickly, in a fun and easy way.

Introduction film

Final Product


UX research



Demo day